Mini House : Land Of Dinosaurs

Article number: Workman Publishing 16598 Mini House: Land Of Dinosaurs
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Explore the land of the dinosaurs through bulky pages you can grab!
More like a box of real dinosaurs than a book of pictures, The Land of Dinosaurs takes kids on a prehistoric journey of self-discovery.
Unlock the side of the book and open it up to find a just-hatched dino who's wondering to himself, "what will I become when I grow big and tall?"
"It might be quite nice to be terribly strong... Or have skin that's like armor and a tail I can swing."
Each page shows beautifully illustrated dinosaurs stretching high above the page-tops and labeled with their real names.
With brilliant colors and grabable pictures, the Land of Dinosaurs Mini House Book gives young paleontologists a hands-on reading experience they'll love.

Mini House Book - The Land of Dinosaurs

  • Mini book of big bulky pages kids can grab
  • Encourages fine motor skills, early reading skills, self-esteem
  • Fun illustrations, real dinosaur names - delights young paleontologists
  • Bulky pages fun for little hands to grab
  • Side panel locks book shut like a puzzle piece
  • Open front looks like small dinosaur cave
  • Illustrations brilliantly colored with fun characteristics
  • Dinosaur pictures labeled with real names
  • Written by Louise A. Gikow
  • Illustrated and created by Peter Lippman
  • Durable boardbook binding with strong plastic mesh and thick cardboard
  • Exceptionally durable construction with strong materials


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